WLRN’s Thistle Pettersen Interviews Lesbian Activist Issy Dickinson – Women’s Liberation Radio News

WLRN’s Thistle Pettersen Interviews Lesbian Activist Issy Dickinson – Women’s Liberation Radio News
Issy Dickinson is a Lesbian-Feminist Activist and one of the Organisers of the Lesbian Strength March and Rally that took place in her hometown of Leeds in the UK on September 7th, 2019. Ms. Dickinson is studying for a Masters Degree at the University of Leeds and spoke with Thistle via skype on September 18th about the lead-up to the March and what the March was like on-the-ground the day it happened.

This interview if full of useful information and lively discussion for any budding feminist activists out there who wish to learn how to organize uplifting and positive demonstrations on the streets.

The Lesbian Strength March was born out of months of weekly meetings and planning sessions a handful of creative and dedicated women attended to make sure the marchers and speakers would be safe and have an enjoyable time.

The two main organizations putting the March on were ReSisters and Get the L Out UK. Both had members who had attended Pride events in Lancaster and in Leeds prior to creating their own march, separate from regular Pride.

Please view video coverage of what happened to the lesbian presence at Lancaster Pride in late June of this year linked to below. It is important to understand the prior situation on the streets some of these same demonstrators faced that day in Lancaster in the hands of the transactivists.

Please also view the rally speeches given at the March here.

From the frustration, trauma and demoralizing experiences the pro-lesbian activists had at these two Pride events, fertile soil was cultivated for creating the Lesbian Strength March on September 7th.

What the story of this March shows is that we have the choice to go forward in solidarity and in our sisterhood, or to be demoralized and fearful because transactivism has gotten so ugly and in many cases, the powers-that-be, such as the police, are not on our side.

These Leeds sisters and sisters from across the United Kingdom demonstrated to the world on September 7th that our sisterhood truly can be powerful and our bonds undiminished by transactivist attacks.

Listen to this compelling telling of Issy’s stories of her organizing experiences in a tightly knit group of women and then her glorious moment in the sun with her sisters the day the March happened.

Read on wlrnmedia.wordpress.com/2019/09/21/wlrns-thistle-pettersen-interviews-lesbian-activist-issy-dickinson/amp/

Published by Issy Dickinson

I am a radical feminist and activist both online and in the community. I am also studying the social sciences at University of Leeds, in order to gain a Masters Degree. I qualified as a Social Worker (Diploma in Social Work) in 1996 from University of Bradford, where I also gained a BA Hons in Applied Social Studies. I was then employed by West Yorkshire Probation Service for twenty years, as a Sexual Offender Specialist, both in the community and in HMP Leeds. Within this role I concentrated on assessing and reducing the risk of harm presented to women and children, by men who rape and by paedophiles (Minor Attracted Persons). I am a life-long lesbian and I am Gender Critical and have been working actively towards dismantling transgenderism and Queer Theory, both online and in my community. I use social media as a political platform to promote freedom of speech and to publicly address all forms of misogyny and expose those who would harm women and children. My interests are protecting women and children from violence and abuse. I work to reduce domestic violence and intimate partner abuse, promote safeguarding and child protection. I am active against pornography, BDSM and prostitution, seeking the implementation of The Nordic Model for the latter.

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