Who is Issy Belstaffie?

Issy Belstaffie is a gender critical UK radical feminist who lives in Yorkshire. She is also a political activist and is a member of grassroots feminist organisations such as The ReSisters UK, Leeds ReSisters, Lesbian Strength and Leeds Spinners. She was one of the organisers of The Lesbian Strength March in 2019, in Leeds.

Belstaffie is very active online and contributes to many radical feminist and lesbian forums, under her own name and her nom de guerre, Belstaffie. She also hosts XX-Power Nation public page on Facebook.

She uses social media as platforms to address societal imbalances and misogyny and exposes false narratives, that proliferate in the online world.

Lat year she was awarded an unconditional place at University of Leeds to study a Masters Degree in Gender Studies. Instead she chose to write and continue her activism.

She writes extensively against transgenderism and the impact this has upon Gender Non-conforming children, women’s rights and the lesbian and gay communities in the UK.

As a result of this and her protesting, she is banned from many mainstream LGBTQ organisations and Pride events, where in the summer of 2019, she and her associates, very publicly protested a number of Pride events, to highlight lesbian erasure, invisibility and the pressure and coercion that lesbians are put under to accept Trans Identified Males, as not only “women”, but “lesbians” and therefore suitable sexual partners for real lesbians.

Her stance on this subject has had her shunned, by mainstream LGBTQ organisations, the “woke” Left and anti-fa. Belstaffie has been labelled a “transphobe”, a “bigot” and a “TERF” in a bid to intimidate and silence her activism and extensive online writing on the subject. She was also permanently banned from Medium for her Radical Lesbian Feminist thoughts and writing.

Her other areas of interest as a radical feminist, are around the pornography industry, prostitution and human trafficking.

Belstaffie writes often about domestic abuse and intimate partner abuse and supports organisations that are involved in reducing the harm this causes women and the long-term damage this causes children that witness and are part of this form of domestic terrorism. Belstaffie is a child survivor of domestic abuse for 17 years and this had a profound effect upon her and her understanding of this form of terrorism within the home.

Issy Belstaffie qualified as Social Worker (Diploma in Social Work) and received a BA Hons in Applied Social Studies from the University of Bradford in 1996.

On leaving University, she was employed as a Probation Officer by West Yorkshire Probation Service, for twenty years where she was a Specialist, in working with male Sexual Offenders and paedophiles, both in the community and in HMP Leeds.

Her role involved assessing these men and their offending and was instrumental in reducing and managing the risk they presented to women and children on their eventual release into the community.

In HMP Leeds she organised the Sexual Offender Treatment Programmes and wrote Parole Reports on these offenders.

Belstaffie still writes extensively about sexual offending, in a bid to reduce risk and the harm these men present to women and children. She also writes about paedophilia, drawing on her experience and training as a Probation Officer.

Published by Issy Dickinson

I am a radical feminist and activist both online and in the community. I am also studying the social sciences at University of Leeds, in order to gain a Masters Degree. I qualified as a Social Worker (Diploma in Social Work) in 1996 from University of Bradford, where I also gained a BA Hons in Applied Social Studies. I was then employed by West Yorkshire Probation Service for twenty years, as a Sexual Offender Specialist, both in the community and in HMP Leeds. Within this role I concentrated on assessing and reducing the risk of harm presented to women and children, by men who rape and by paedophiles (Minor Attracted Persons). I am a life-long lesbian and I am Gender Critical and have been working actively towards dismantling transgenderism and Queer Theory, both online and in my community. I use social media as a political platform to promote freedom of speech and to publicly address all forms of misogyny and expose those who would harm women and children. My interests are protecting women and children from violence and abuse. I work to reduce domestic violence and intimate partner abuse, promote safeguarding and child protection. I am active against pornography, BDSM and prostitution, seeking the implementation of The Nordic Model for the latter.

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