Lesbianism is Dying

Lesbianism is under attack like no time ever in history. We are attacked for being same sex attracted by the heterosexual communities. We are attacked by LGBTQ communities, because we won’t have sex willingly with trans women.

We are also under attack from bisexual women who are already in our community by stealth, claiming lesbianhood on the back of radical feminism and compulsory heterosexuality. This undermines our purity, our culture and our heritage and takes Lesbian spaces away from us.

I have lesbian friends who’s lives and hearts have been broken by these faux-lesbians with counterfeit identities, who then return to men’s beds, or come out with lesophobic platitudes that injure lesbian psyche.

They are desperate to “have sex” with real lesbians, so they can cross it off their bucket-lists and then move-on to their next item on it. They objectify lesbians which is predatory and unhealthy and something that men do to us. This causes untold personal damage to an already marginalised and vulnerable group in society.

Lesbians need allies, but we don’t need allies that try to take over our communities and colonise it by proclaiming they too are “lesbians”, when they are clearly not. It doesn’t work like that.

I know many bisexual women who do not do this to a community they are purporting to support. I respect and admire these women and I am proud to call them “sisters”. They are honest and genuine and not playing identity politics or trying to have a sexual experience to validate their new coveted sexuality. Transwomen try to do this to us also.

Heterosexual women also don’t do this to the lesbian community. Again, I have a lot of time for these women because they don’t have a hidden agenda. I am proud to call them “sisters” also.

Becoming a radical feminist is a political act and a process, but one isn’t compelled to change one’s sexuality too. I think that this is where things have become confused for these women. I think that they feel unless they identify AS “ lesbians”, they won’t be respected because being merely political isn’t enough. This is so far from the truth.

I, for one am devastated and threatened by the dilution of lesbianism recently, by these women, who look down their noses at lesbians and our unique exclusivity to other lesbians.

Bisexual does not mean lesbian and lesbian does not mean bisexual.

I may sound like a militant lesbian separatist, which I do not think is a bad thing under these circumstances. Our community is being attacked and we are at war.

I seek to preserve lesbianism and stop it being attacked, eroded and diluted, both from inside and outside the community.

Published by Issy Dickinson

I am a radical feminist and activist both online and in the community. I am also studying the social sciences at University of Leeds, in order to gain a Masters Degree. I qualified as a Social Worker (Diploma in Social Work) in 1996 from University of Bradford, where I also gained a BA Hons in Applied Social Studies. I was then employed by West Yorkshire Probation Service for twenty years, as a Sexual Offender Specialist, both in the community and in HMP Leeds. Within this role I concentrated on assessing and reducing the risk of harm presented to women and children, by men who rape and by paedophiles (Minor Attracted Persons). I am a life-long lesbian and I am Gender Critical and have been working actively towards dismantling transgenderism and Queer Theory, both online and in my community. I use social media as a political platform to promote freedom of speech and to publicly address all forms of misogyny and expose those who would harm women and children. My interests are protecting women and children from violence and abuse. I work to reduce domestic violence and intimate partner abuse, promote safeguarding and child protection. I am active against pornography, BDSM and prostitution, seeking the implementation of The Nordic Model for the latter.

10 thoughts on “Lesbianism is Dying

  1. As a heterosexual feminist but one who was once married to a closet trans woman I can identify with many of the sentiments addressed here. She later declared in her blog that she was a lesbian. I do my best to speak up about this crisis and I hope that common sense and respect will prevail. You are my sisters.


    1. Sister. I’m sorry to hear about you ex-husband and his behaviour. It must have been a very stressful time for you. There are groups of ex-wives starting to form and support each other. I can put you in touch with them if you wish?

      These trans women are men that fetishise lesbians. They call their penises “ladydick”, “clit on a stick” and the like, in a bid to gaslight us. They do not care that they are not welcome in Lesbian circles, yet they colonise, invade and inveigle regardless. These are absolute predators who force themselves and their presence upon us regardless of our feelings and boundaries of being same sex attracted only.

      They also sexually harass and pressurise us to sleep with them and when we don’t, they tell the LGBTQ community that we are “transphobic bigots”, so we are excluded and shunned, when it fact all we are being is being lesbians!

      It’s rapey, coercive and homophobic in the extreme. It’s what sexually abusive men do to women.

      These TIMs have cleared our bars and clubs that we have frequented and patronised often for decades, due to their sexually inappropriate behaviour towards us.

      And it’s all with the blessing of Stonewall UK el al. We have had no one to speak up for us. No one has challenged them apart from radical feminists, many of them straight, with no vested interest.

      I want to explicitly thank my straight radical feminist sisters and mothers, who have provided support and succour, when the LGBTQ have demonised us.

      We will not forget our allies! Neither will we forget the silent and complicit.


  2. You have put into words my feelings about what has happened to the lesbian community. There are far too many pretendbians using us as their sexual experiments and then going back to their boyfriends, having drained us emotionally. They wave their one dalliance with a woman like a stamp on their hands that says, “I paid to get in to the LGBTQWTF community,” then claim they are more oppressed than lesbians because of “biphobia.” Have you ever noticed how those women, who are invariably coupled with a man when these conversations start, pipe up about their one Sapphic affair when they find out a lesbian is in the room? It’s pathetic, seeing them trot out their single LUG experience as if to prove their wokeness bona fides.

    It disgusts me when women in radical feminist circles discuss “political lesbianism.” No. Just because you opened your het eyes and saw how shitty men are does not give you license to play with lesbians’ emotions.

    Don’t even get me started on men trying to bully lesbians to suck their girldick. It’s very disheartening to see how these fetishists got so much political power in such a short time by riding the coattails of the LG movement. I was there for the Second March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights when I was 19. The B should never have been added. When has a bisexual person ever been oppressed unless they were engaging in homosexual behaviour?

    This article should be mandatory reading for all feminists.

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    1. Thank you for your excellent comments.
      I’ve received quite a bit a flack from bisexuals and political “lesbians” over this article!

      It clearly wasn’t written for them, but they still show their privilege and sense of entitlement, by criticising it. They continue to prove my point!


  3. How shallow and pathetic to define your politics, your philosophy, your entire life by your sexual preference; to set your life’s priorities by what’s happens between your legs. This is the saddest and most impotent form of “identity”politics. And so, perfectly understandable why it would be cultivated a corrupt elite and a compromised media, Especially in the UK, where total surveillance has rendered Orwell;’s “1984” into everyday reality.


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